First Impression Hack – Cheat Based on Scientific Evidence!

First Impression Hack – Cheat Based on Scientific Evidence! 12 essential tips to make a lasting first impression!

You will never get another chance to make a good first impression.

Overview of the course

In other words, when meeting someone for the first time, you must be on your game from the start. The key is to establish rapport. Rapport is the lubricant that allows social dialogue to take place. When rapport is established, communication barriers fall away, and you have the potential to form a long-term connection. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) actively uses this technique to get interviewees to speak up. You will learn similar strategies throughout this course, which is why you should at least watch the free videos before enrolling.

Why should you sign up?

Whether you’re meeting new contacts, clients, classmates, team members, or possible employers, I’ve created a framework based on scientific facts to help you put your best foot forward and make a positive and memorable first impression.

This course goes beyond the standard advice of smiling, being on time, putting your phone away, looking the other person in the eyes, giving a solid handshake, and demonstrating real interest. This training will teach you how to establish rapport.

I’m completely convinced of the advantages, but I don’t see why I should learn everything from you.

True, however, allow me to explain by providing an outline of my experience:

– Ph.D. student working part-time (7 years – present). I read the science, so you’ll be up to speed! What else do you require?

– CIO (Chairman and CEO of Information Security) (present). Managing specialists in the fields of security, privacy, and quality. In charge of implementing and maintaining a well-balanced organizational risk posture.

– Software quality assurance consultant (6,5 years). Many managers of large and small IT projects have sought my advice on various software-related issues.

– Unlike most other courses, you may really claim 1 Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit after completing this one.

More information is available on LinkedIn or my profile.

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