Financial Technology (Fintech) Innovations Specialization

University of Michigan

Financial Technology (Fintech) Innovations Specialization.

This specialization is intended to familiarize learners with a broad range of financial technologies. While finance has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, the financial industry is changing rapidly in the face of new technology. In the past, at the forefront of innovation in finance were central governments and financial institutions. Today, information technology firms and professionals are leading innovation in the financial industry.

Our goal is to show learners the genesis and use cases of the technology. We hope to familiarize professionals sufficiently with the technology that they can utilize and adapt the technologies in their careers.

Applied Learning Project

Stories are a part of the human experience. We all have our own stories to tell, but they are also excellent tools for learning. These courses will utilize a storytelling approach that will invite you into the role of a character embedded in a context directly related to the content with which you’ll be engaging. This approach will help you relate to the information presented, push you to apply your knowledge and skills to a novel context, and give you and other learners a shared experience on which to reflect.

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